Instructions for media planners/campaign managers

This article describes how to use Mercury Media as a media planner/campaign manager.


Media planners/campaign managers use Mercury Media especially for media plans and planning scenarios. There are a few things to keep in mind when using Mercury Media for these purposes. The system also offers support with a variety of options for configuring and structuring media plans.

Another important aspect is that media plans in Mercury Media are integrated into a hierarchical structure (clients, customers and products).Structures are displayed as categories and category trees. This provides you a clear overview within the system. Important, specific customer master data for media planning is also stored under categories (e.g. fees, invoice data, conditions regarding technical systems).

Category roles are defined and assigned to a category tree. These influence what categories are displayed and what actions are available under that category.

Please familiarise yourself with the following if you are responsible formedia planning/campaign management:


Please check whether the knowledge base contains additional company-specific introductory information on the planning process.

Important information

You need to have permission to be able to create and edit media plans for customers. Please contact an administrator who manages users.