Technical costs in media plans

This article describes how to use technical components to calculate costs for ad server and tracking systems in media plans.


Technical components are used to map costs for using technical delivery and tracking systems in the media plan.

Itis generally possible to select any number of technical components for a plan item; however, each component can only be selected once.

Because technical systems and agreed prices may differ from client to client,components are managed at category level. 

This article contains extensive information on the properties of technical components and how to manage them.

Calculating expected technical costs

Before a campaign is conducted, the expected technical costs are calculated based on expected delivery and media costs.

This forecast value can be found in the media plan in the Forecast:Technical costs column.

Depending on the technical components selected, the forecast value is calculated based on the following:

  • Forecast:Ad impressions including buffer

  • Forecast:Clicks including buffer

  • Forecast:Cost (N/N/N)

  • Forecast:Cost (gross)

The buffer for technical costs field is used tocalculate forecast volumes including a buffer. This buffer value ensures that overdelivery by the publisher does not result in unexpected high technical costs. It is defined in the campaign. When creating new plan items, the terms are adopted from the campaign and can be individually adapted for every plan item.

Calculating realized technical costs

Depending on the selected technical components, realized technical costs are calculated based on the following:

  • REALIZED:Ad impressions (invoicing technical)

  • REALIZED:Clicks (invoicing technical)

  • REALIZED:Cost (N/N/N)

  • REALIZED:Cost (gross)

The values in the fields marked “(invoicing technical)” are usually calculated based on the values measured by the ad server. These values are either entered into the system automatically, if the ad server is integrated, or can be manually entered into the respective columns by the user:

  • REALIZED:Ad impressions (ad server)

  • REALIZED:Clicks (ad server)

If calculation of technical costs is to be based on values other than those actually measured (e.g. in case of an error in trafficking and an agreement with the ad server provider that the full amount does not need to be paid), the new values must be entered into the following fields:

  • REALIZED:Ad impression (negotiated with technical vendor)

  • REALIZED:Clicks (negotiated with technical vendor)

If available, the fields marked “(invoicing technical)” contain thevalue from the field marked “(negotiated with technical vendor)”;if unavailable, they contain the value from the field marked “(adserver)”.

Accordingly,the fields marked (invoicing technical) always include the amountrelevant for invoicing.

Overviewin the viewer

Theviewer provides an overview of the values of the following fields(examples for clicks; the values relevant to technical costs are marked bold)

  • REALIZED:Clicks (ad server)

  • REALIZED:Clicks (negotiated with technical vendor)

  • REALIZED:Clicks (invoicing technical)

  • REALIZED:Clicks (negotiated with publisher)

  • REALIZED:Clicks including discount-in-kind

  • REALIZED:Clicks (invoicing media)

The viewer can be opened by double clicking one of the columns that show clicks or impressions.


Addinga technical component

  1. Open the view for technical costs by double clicking one of the following columns:

    1. FORECAST:Technical cost

    2. REALIZED:Technical cost

    3. Technicalcomponents

  2. Click“+” for the technical component you wish to add.

Deselectinga technical component

  1. Open the view for technical costs by double clicking one of the following columns:

    • FORECAST:Technical cost

    • REALIZED:Technical cost

    • Technicalcomponents

  2. Click“+” for the technical component you wish to deselect.