Note: To store the agency fee types in Mercury, you need access rights to the reference data. 

For both types of fixed fees, which are explained in the section "What types of fees are available in Mercury?", it is possible to define so-called "Agency Fee Types" and add them as additional information when entering fees. 

Defining a specific fixed fee type is useful in order to have a sound basis later during data processing. Despite possibly different designations, which may be influenced by the clients, the definition of a type ensures that fixed fees of the same type can be summarised and analysed.

The "Agency Fee Types" are defined in the reference data:

  1. Open the reference data and navigate to the "Fixed Agency Fee Types" menu.
  2. If agency fee types have already been created, they will be listed here.
  3. To create a new agency fee type, click on the "+Fixed Agency Fee Type" button at the top right.
  4. Now enter a name in the window that opens and click on "Create Fixed Agency Fee Type".
  5. The entry you have just made will now appear as a new entry in the list and can be used immediately to create fixed fees.