This article describes the role of scenarios for campaign planning and how to create, edit and delete scenarios.


Using scenarios to implement or preview different planning variations when creating a campaign, is a great way to compare the outcomes for the same budget and select the most optimal one.
As an example, based on the desired performance (financial, awareness, engagement rate), experiments with different budgets, target-groups coverage or click-through rates could be set up.

Offers which are created at a campaign level are available for all scenarios, which enhance different planning variations.


Each scenario contains important planning data. Properties are represented by several tabs in the interface.


Master data tab

Rename the planning scenario here.

Coverage tab

Enter metrics for planned coverage here.

Fixed agency fees tab

Enter agency fees that apply to the overall campaign in a fixed amount, i.e. that do not depend on volumes (e.g. ad impressions, clicks or conversions) or media costs/discounts and do not apply to a certain item in the media plan.

See here for complete information about fixed agency fees.

Performance planning tab

Open this tab to define whether post-click and/or post-view activities should be taken into account in the calculation of conversions.

See here for more information about using conversions.

Types of scenarios:

Default scenario:

A standard scenario is automatically created each time a campaign is created. Additional scenarios as required for different planning variations (optional) can be created manually.

Master scenario:

Is the scenario which was picked by the client to be implemented and will be marked with bold text for easier scrolling.

This feature requires at least one plan item in the scenario to be approved externally. That means that the client has approved the plan item for booking and the relevant planning can be implemented.

Once a scenario is approved externally, all other scenarios in the campaign are blocked for external approval and therefore for booking.

Managing scenarios:

Scenarios can be created, edited and deleted.

  • To create a scenario, navigate till the needed campaign and click on it.
  • In the upper bar click on the ⊕ sign and select ⊕ Scenario
  • Fill in the name for the new scenario and save your changes.
  • To edit a scenario click on the dropdown menu sign near it's name and select the edit option
  • To delete a scenario click on the dropdown menu sign near it's name and select the delete option
If you delete a scenario, all plan items in the scenario will be lost! Offers in the relevant campaign will remain unaffected.