1. Navigate to the relevant category in the category tree.

  2. Click on the gear icon to open the category’s details page.

  3. Click on the “Agency fee model” tab.

  4. Click “Create agency fee model” next to the name of the desired fee model type.

  5. Enter a percentage for the fee.

  6. Select the deductible discounts.

  7. Activate and configure a cap if required.

  8. Specify a unique, descriptive name.

  9. Add a description of the fee to distinguish it from other fees. This description will only be visible in the administration interface.

  10. If necessary, add further conditions that are linked to the fee:

    1. Eligible Companies

      If companies have been created in the reference data, you can now select and add them by clicking on the input field in the drop-down menu that opens. From now on, Mercury will only offer this fee if the offer was provided by this company via the inventory management of a plan.

    2. Eligible Channels

      Click on the input field to open a drop-down menu in which you can now view all the channel names created in the reference data and add them to your fee. This function makes it possible to link the fee to specific channels such as digital, social, radio, TV etc., for example. Accordingly, Mercury only lists it as a selectable option if one of the stored channel names matches that of the plan item.

    3. Eligible range

      Clicking on the input field opens a date picker (calendar), which you can use to define a start and end date. Mercury will then only show you this fee in the planning within this period. This condition helps to ensure that outdated or not yet valid fees cannot be displayed and stored on the plan item.

      ➤ Of course, you can also define a mix of all three conditions for the fee configuration.

  11. Click “OK” to save the agency fee model.