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To create a new offer for your planning, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a new campaign or open an existing campaign for which you would like to create a new proposal.
  2. Open the scenario to access the planning (tab "Plan").
  3. Click on the "+ Proposal" button in the top right corner of the Mercury header.
    Note: You may be surprised that you can find the button to create a proposal in both the "Offers" tab and the "Plan" tab. This allows you to create a new proposal quickly and at any time.
  4. The plan item form opens, in which you can now enter your proposal.
    Note: Mandatory fields are marked with a red dot in front of them, which turn green as soon as the required value has been entered.
    The plan item form is divided into four sections:
    1. Basic data (click to find out more)Contents: Publisher, publisher contacts, channel type, date of proposal and valid until, lead time days, labels, tax components, contractual, creditor, external proposal Id and comments on proposal
    2. Placement and creatives (click to find out more) Contents: Medium, placement and custom placement name, creatives, comments on placement and creatives, spot length (seconds)
    3. Booking details (click to find out more)Contents: Pricing model (CPM, CPC, CPV, CPX, various fixed prices, e-mail), gross price, volume, discount in kind, targeting description optional incl. surcharges, frequency capping optional incl. surcharges, various forecast values (viewability, CTR, VTR, list-through rate, CVR, UUs, brand safety and more)
    4. Discounts and net cost (click to find out more) Contents: Standard discount, special discount, agency discount 1, agency discount 2, special charges incl. description, agency commission, publisher cash discount, illustration of all costs (gross to N/N/N)
  5. Once you have entered all the relevant content in your proposal, click on
    1. Save
      if you want to save and close your proposal. 
      1. Mercury will then redirect you back to the "Offers" or "Plan" tab — depending on where you started from in the plan item form. 
      2. You will now find your new proposal listed in the "Offers" tab.
    2. Save + duplicate
      if you want to save your proposal and copy it at the same time.
      1. Mercury will then save your proposal in the background (in the tab "Offers"),
      2. a copy/duplicate of it is created at the same time. This means that after clicking on this button, you will automatically see the plan item form of the copy in front of you.
      3. Now make the desired changes to the copy and decide again whether you want to "Save" and thus close it or "Save and duplicate".
  6. Optionally, check all the information in your proposal again in the Offers tab by adding further relevant columns to the proposal list.

  7. Next, transfer all the required proposal to your planning.