Open the Mercury campaign for which you want to create an AdSchedule. If you have sufficient rights, you will find a small button with a table in the top right-hand corner. The name AdSchedule is also displayed via mouseover. Click on this to create your AdSchedule.

If no AdSchedule has been created yet, a small pop-up window will open. You will be asked, with which AdServer you want to create AdSchedules. 

At the moment Mercury is able to simplify the setup in the AdServer for Adform, Google Campaign Manager (GCM) and Flashtalking.

Now select the AdServer you want to create AdSchedules for from the dropdown menu and click "Save". 

Note: Currently, it is only possible to create AdSchedules for a single AdServer within a campaign. If you need AdSchedules for both Adform and GCM, for example, it is currently best to plan them in two separate Mercury campaigns. Afterwards, a separate AdScheduling with its own AdServer can be set up for each campaign.

The AdServer configuration is then stored in the AdScheduling. Next, you can create your first AdSchedule. However, don't forget to optionally upload your assets to the Asset Library.