The Mercury AdScheduling module allows you to automate large parts of the campaign setup in the AdServer. With the help of this Mercury add-on module, campaign scheduling is standardised, manual errors are reduced, and the time required for the scheduling process is significantly shortened.

The AdScheduling module can be used to create campaigns in the AdServers Adform, Google Campaign Manager (GCM) and Flashtalking.

In the AdScheduling module, you define AdSchedules, which are based on your Mercury planning and consist of AdSlots and Click-Trackers. They can optionally be enriched with additional pixels and thus contain all the information that is relevant for the setup of the campaign in the AdServer. 

When you open the AdScheduling for the first time in a campaign, Mercury will ask you to select an AdServer. If AdSchedules have already been created for this campaign, you can view them, add new or modifz existing ones.