Allow automatic synchronization with the ad server

Automatic synchronization with the Ad Server can be activated and deactivated, for each plan item individually or for several plan lines simultaneously.

The "Sync Performance Data" column indicates whether automatic synchronisation is currently permitted for a plan line or not. Here, the unbroken chain stands for activated and the broken chain for deactivated (see image).

The following buttons can be used to activate/deactivate synchronisation for multiple plan lines at once. First select the plan items for which you want activate the automatic synchronisation, then click on:

For deactivating the automatic synchronisation, click on:

Note: Manually entered values will be overwritten if ad server updates is allowed. This means that if there is no Adserver connection, the value will be reset to zero.

Synchronization interval

The automatic synchronization with the ad server takes place automatically once a day (between 0:00 am and 7:00 am).