Below, you will find an overview of where the Adserver-Placement-ID (also known as Mercury UUID) must be entered so that Mercury can recognize the data from the various technical systems and assign it to your campaigns accordingly.

Note: The automated and daily import of data into Mercury requires that the technical systems listed below are set up as data pipelines.

When storing the ID, it does not matter where this is done in the name or in the field. It also doesn't matter whether you insert it with or without some kind of separator. In this way, any name taxonomies can usually be retained and the ID can be placed flexibly.


  • GCM as PlacementExternal ID
    = mrc-PpNbqxt2vHH

  • LinkedIn within the CreativeName
    = "Motiv1_mrc-PpNbqxt2vHH" or "Motiv1mrc-PpNbqxt2vHH" or "mrc-PpNbqxt2vHH-Motiv1" or similar

  • Facebook within the AdName
    = "Text_mrc-PpNbqxt2vHH" or "Text_mrc-PpNbqxt2vHH-Text" or similar

Please insert the Adserver-Placement-ID as follows:


SystemOption 1Option 2
Adform Adserverin the field AdGapId-
GCMin the field PlacementExternalId-
Flashtalkingin the field ThirdPartyPlacementId-


SystemOption 1Option 2
Adform DSPin the field AdGapId-
DV360in LineItemIntegrationCodein InsertionOrderIntegrationCode
The Trade Desk*coming soon

Verve DSP*coming soon

Active Agent*coming soon

Amazon DSP*coming soon

Adobe DSP*coming soon

Social platforms

SystemOption 1Option 2
Metain AdNamein the Campaign AdLabels
LinkedInin CreativeName-
Outbrainin CampaignName-
Pinterestin AdName-
Snapchatin AdName-
TikTokin AdName-
Xingin AdName-

Search platforms

SystemOption 1Option 2
Google Adsin the Campaign Labels-
Bing*coming soon
Apple Search Ads*coming soon

Validation systems

(Currently only available via Bridge, not in Mercury.)

SystemOption 1Option 2
Audience Projectno deposit required-
Adobe Analyticsno deposit required-
Google Analytics*coming soon

Nielsen DAR*coming soon

Integral Ad Science*coming soon

DoubleVerify*coming soon

*Connection in development

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