In Mercury, it is possible to map the tracking points defined in the ad.

Note: In order to follow the steps below, the tracking points must be appropriately set up in Adform. This is available in Adform via the "Site Tracking" tab. Please make sure that the assigned names of the tracking points are following naming conventions.

Via the following button you can reach the page "Assign Adserver Data" in Mercury (top right)

Afterwards you will get to the following page:

After clicking on "Assign Tracking Points", the created tracking points are listed:

In the following, the desired assignment of the tracking point can now be set via the drop-down menu.

For example, the numbers following the adform tracking point "Test 1" are automatically assigned to the Mercury column "Orders" when selected. The data is now updated as usual on a daily basis.

Note: It is also possible to use several tracking points to e.g. "Orders".


  • The tracking points are assigned at customer level. Meaning if the TP has been assigned to a campaign, this assignment also applies to all campaigns within the customer.
  • When assigning TP at the campaign level, only the TP for which numbers have accumulated in the ad server will appear (here the ad server placement ID stored in the ad server is relevant for matching).
  • For copied plan lines with unchanged ad server ID, the TP for the "old" ad server ID will also be displayed in the new campaign. Please check when copying whether the ad server structure should be retained: