This article describes how to open and use the context menu.


When displaying the mediaplan, the context menu opens by clicking with the right mouse button on the respective plan item. The following menu appears (see picture).

The following options are available:

  • Ignore: Die plan item will be ignored (Link)
  • Allow automatic ad server data updates: (Link)
  • Edit: opens the plan item details (Link)
  • Assign new ad server placement: (Link)
  • Create copy in ad server placement: Creates an identical copy of the plan item with the run time of the following month (Link)
  • Copy: Creates an identical copy of the plan item in which a new adserver placement ID is assigned.
  • Logs: Opens a new tab where the logs are visible. i.e. All actions that have been taken within the plan item are logged with the name of the user, date and time and made comprehensible. The logs additionally offer the possibility that booking orders can be called up directly from the log file.
  • Cancel ("Delete" will be displayed if the plan item is not booked):  Link: Cancel plan items / When deleting, the plan line will be permanently deleted after confirming the dialog box