There are two ways to copy plan items in Mercury.

1.) copy within a mediaplan:

i.) Press the right mouse button on the plan item and select "Copy". Afterwards an identical copy of the plan item appears.

ii.) Press the right mouse button on the plan item and select "create copy within ad server placement". 

An identical copy is created, but the runtime is automatically adjusted to the following month.

Example: A plan item with the term "01.09.2018 - 30.09.2018" is copied and has a runtime of 01.10.2018 - 31.10.2018 in the copied version.
This may facilitate handling if a campaign e.g. to be extended by one month.

2.) Copy plan items to a new campaign..

Mark the desired plan items and press the Copy button in the upper menu:

Im Anschluss erscheint folgende Übersicht:

Please enter here the target campaign and the scenario.

Please also select a checkbox if one of the options is desired.

Please note: 

  • Only plan items that are on the same structure level (folder structure) or below can be copied to campaigns. Campaigns can not be moved from one customer to another. There is a workaround on "moving campaigns" for this case - please contact a KeyUser in this case.
  • No plan itemss with deleted publishers / mediums or placements can be copied. An error message appears which provides information about the affected plan item IDs.