This article describes how to use offers and plan items. To switch between them in a campaign, click on one of the two sections presented in the below picture.

Plan items

Plan items are the basis of media planning and the media bookings in a campaign.

They include all information connected with planning and conducting a media booking: booked inventory (publisher, medium, placement, creatives), media costs, fees, technical expenses for delivery, tracking, expected and realised KPIs, etc.


A plan item serves as the basis for communication with media (e.g. as availability requests, insertion orders, status emails for matching delivery data).

A plan item also serves as the basis for exchange with internal media accounting (e.g. instructions regarding advance invoice to customers, instructions regarding final invoice to customer).


Plan items are based on offers that can either be booked with the publisher or have already been booked (see agency offers).

Offers only contain media information relevant for planning; they do not contain realised service values.

When adopting an offer in a media plan, a new plan item is created based on the offer. Any changes subsequently made to the offer do not affect the plan item and vice versa.




As offers have some of the properties of a plan item, a detailed description of offer properties is not necessary.

Comprehensive description of all the properties of a plan items is not included in this knowledge base as a lot of the metrics used are known and commonly used in media planning.

Invoicing models

Various invoicing models are available in Mercury Media, one of which has to be selected for each plan item. The invoicing model determines how payments to the publisher are calculated. Learn more in this article.


Media costs and special charges can be discounted by the provider. The various types of discounts are described in this article.


Different types of fees are possible. They are described in this article.

Technical costs

Technical costs for a plan item are calculated based on predefined components that can be selected for a plan item.

This article contains extensive information on the definition of technical components.

This article contains extensive information on selecting and applying technical components to a plan item.

Media costs and metrics

For media costs and metrics, such as effective CPMs, forecast values und realised values.

This article contains important information on media costs and metrics.