Fees may be paid for the planning and realisation of an entire campaign, for example. There may also be other cases where the fee is not correctly allocated to individual plan items. For these cases, a fixed fee can also be stored in Mercury at campaign level. More precisely, the fixed fee within the campaign is stored on the respective scenario (ideally the main scenario) (here synonymous with "for the entire campaign without reference to plan items").

To store a fixed fee for the campaign/scenario, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to and open a campaign for which you would like to enter a fixed fee.
  2. Open the planning and click on the cogwheel at the top right. Alternatively, click on the small tab next to the scenario name and select "Edit".
  3. The "Edit scenario" menu opens, in which you next click on the "Fixed Agency Fees" entry.
  4. If fixed fees have already been created, they will now be displayed. Otherwise you will see the message "No fixed agency fee".
  5. To create a new fixed fee, click on the "+ Fixed Agency Fee" button,
  6. enter an individual name in the menu that opens,
  7. select a fixed agency fee type (see also "Where do I add the Agency Fee Types?")
  8. and finally enter the amount that corresponds to the fixed fee.
  9. Click on "Save" to save the fixed fee in the scenario and thus also in the campaign.

Note: Please note that the fixed fees entered here are generally not listed and included in your planning! This fixed fee is only shown on the second worksheet "Total costs" when the plan is exported to Excel.