1. Navigate to a campaign and to a plan item for which you want to create a volume-based fee.
  2. Open the inspector panel on the right-hand side of the plan by double-clicking on one of the columns containing information on fees, e.g. total fee or volume-based fee. You may need to display this column first.
  3. Click on the "+Volume-based fee" button to create a new volume fee.
  4. Assign a fee description.
  5. Select a basis (ad impressions, clicks or conversions).
  6. Define a price. Note the type of calculation, depending on the selected basis:
    1. Ad impressions = billing mode CpM
    2. Clicks = billing mode CpC
    3. Conversions = billing mode CpConversion
  7. Click on the "Save" button.
  8. The volume-based fee is now calculated automatically for this plan item in the plan and actual as soon as values are entered in the forecast or realised for the selected basis.