To delete an existing AdSchedule, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the campaign and there the AdScheduling in which you want to delete an AdSchedule.

  2. Navigate to the "Calendar" tab in the AdScheduling and find the AdSchedule you want to delete.

  3. Click on the trash can icon in the row of the AdSchedule.

  4. Confirm the security message to delete the AdSchedule.

  5. The AdSchedule now disappears completely from the calendar tab. The AdServer placement ID which is no longer used will now be displayed again in the sidebar on the left. Optionally, you can now create a new AdSchedule from this ID.

Note: If you delete an activated AdSchedule that is synchronised with the AdServer, this will be noted as a to-do in the AdServer status for all elements (assets, placements, etc.) that have to do with the AdSchedule with "Delete".
Attention: A deletion cannot be undone. You can only set up a new AdSchedule.