It is possible to transfer an Adserver-Placement-ID from one plan item to one or more other plan items. Assigning new Adserver-Placement-IDs can be useful if you copy plan items and then modify them, e.g. to separate them by month for billing purposes.

Make sure that the plan items do not overlap in their runtimes. Otherwise the Adserver-Placement-ID cannot be transferred to the new plan item.

Proceed as follows to transfer the Adserver-Placement-ID to new plan lines:

  1. Select the plan line(s) to which you want to assign a new Adserver-Placement-ID by clicking on the checkbox. Optionally, this is also possible by pressing the CTRL key and simultaneously left-clicking on the plan line. 
  2. Now select the entry "Assign Ad Schedule" in the Trafficking menu.
  3. A small window appears in which you can now search through all the Adserver-Placement-IDs that exist in the current campaign.
  4. Now enter the Adserver-Placement-ID in the search window which you would like to transfer to the selected placements.

    Important: The Adserver-Placement-IDs always consist of 15 characters, starting with "mrc-". However, the search can currently only work with the first thirteen characters. If you copy/paste the Adserver-Placement-ID into the search box, delete some of the last characters to get search results.

  5. Click on the OK button to assign the selected Adserver-Placement-ID to the selected placements.

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