It is possible to assign an Adserver-Placement-ID to multiple plan items. Reassigning existing Adserver-Placement-IDs can be useful when copying plan items and then modifying them, e.g. separating them by month for billing purposes.

An Adserver-Placement-ID can only be transferred to a new plan item if their runtimes don't overlap.

How to assign Adserver-Placement-ID to new plan lines?

  1. Select the plan line(s) to which you want to assign a new Adserver-Placement-ID by clicking on the checkbox in front of them. Optionally, this is also possible by pressing the CTRL key and simultaneously left-clicking on the plan line. 
  2. Choose the option "Assign Ad Schedule" in the Trafficking menu.
  3. A small pop up window will appear in which you can now search\scroll through all the Adserver-Placement-IDs that exist in the current campaign.
  4. Select the Adserver-Placement-ID in the search window that you would like to transfer to the other plan items.

    Important: The Adserver-Placement-IDs consists of 15 characters, starting with "mrc-". However, the search can currently only work with the first thirteen characters. If you copy/paste the whole Adserver-Placement-ID into the search box, delete some of the last characters to get search results.

  5. Click on the OK button to assign the selected Adserver-Placement-ID to the selected placements.

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