It is possible to change the runtime of a package within a planning in order to be able to map a monthly split, for example. This split can be made either directly in the package via the inventory items or optionally by the planners in the planning.

Note: Depending on the settings in Inventory Management, the metrics such as volumes, prices, and FCs are not yet immediately editable by the planners in the planning from the beginning. 

In this case, when a package is split into different runtimes, these values cannot be changed according to the new runtimes. For this, a permission for the metrics must first be given in the inventory management for each inventory item in the package.

This is how the runtimes of a package are adjusted:

  1. Transfer a package to your planning or select an existing package in your planning.

  2. Show the column runtimes.

  3. Next, double-click on the runtime in the first row of your selected package to open the inspector panel on the right.

  4. In the inspector panel you will now see the currently entered runtime. This you can delete by clicking on the trash can icon and then add a new runtime by clicking on the "Add runtime" button or edit directly by clicking on the clipboard icon.

  5. Now change the runtime to the desired period for each plan line within your selected package.

  6. Navigate to the tab "Offers" at the top. Most likely, the package already transferred to the plan will not be shown to you now: 
    1. In that case, click the "View" button just above the table on the top right.
    2. Activate "Offers taken into account in the plan". Now you will also see the packages that you have already included in the plan.

  7. Select all plan lines of your package and transfer them to the plan again.

    Attention! Packages can only be transferred into a planning again, if the runtime does not overlap completely with the package already transferred into the planning. Therefore, always adjust the runtime of the package in the planning first, before you transfer a copy of the package from the Offers tab.
  8. Navigate back to your planning via the "Planning" tab and search for the package plan lines that have just been transferred.

  9. Now adjust the runtimes for these as well and repeat the process until you have as many package splits in the plan as you want to record runtimes.

  10. With every new package transfer, i.e. the transfer of a package from the "Offers" tab to the planning, the entire package is always transferred!

  11. Therefore, remember to adjust the volumes as well as prices, frequency cappings (FCs) and possibly also targetings or discounts in all copied package plan lines in such a way that they correspond to the original package in total across all runtimes.

    If it is not possible for you to adjust these metrics, an inventory manager must give you approval for the adjustment within the planning for all inventories in this package.

Note: Inventory management is an additional feature that must be made available in Mercury. If it is not available in your account, please contact us through our helpdesk.