Labels can be used in Mercury to provide plan items, inventory items, inventory packages, etc. with additional information. They are used for better structuring and finding content.


  • Location of use: They are currently available in media planning as well as in inventory management.

  • Structure: Individual label values can be created, which are always assigned to a label class.

    Please note:
    • Each label always consists of two components, the class and the value.
    • More than one label value can always be added to each label class.
    • However, each label value is always assigned to only one label class.

      Label classMedia-Objective
      Label valueAwareness
      Label valuePerformance

The label "Media-Objective: Awareness" could be added to a plan item in the media plan. The label class is shown as the column header and the label value as the cell content of this column.

  • Single or multiple value assignments:When creating the label class, you can "Allow multiple value assignments" or prevent them. If you tick the checkbox, i.e. allow multiple value assignments, it is later possible to set more than one label of the same class, e.g. on a plan item.


    A plan item in the media plan could be extended by the labels "Contact person: Max" and "Contact person: Kim". When setting multiple label values, they will be displayed in the cell separated by a comma.

Free text labels

Free text labels are special labels that are available as additional columns (Label 1, Label 2, Label 3 and Label 4) exclusively in media planning. 

They therefore do not have the structure of label class and label value, instead they are simple free text fields that can be filled with individual content at plan item level.