Mercury distinguishes between different types of fees, see also "What types of fees are available in Mercury?" The group of percentage fees includes the most frequently used fees. These are

  • Fee on media costs
  • Fee on discount in kind
  • Fee on AT-eligible discounts

These fees can be stored in two different ways within a plan:

1 | Deposit of a percentage fee when transferring from the offers to the plan

  1. Open a campaign and its offers tab. If there is no offer created yet, create a new one using the Proposal button or have an offer provided from the Inventory Management.
  2. Now select an offer and click on the "Create plan items" button.
  3. A new window will open in which you may now need to assign a runtime.
  4. This is followed by an overview of the available percentage fee models.
  5. If Mercury can clearly recognise which fee model must be correct for this plan item, Mercury will select it directly. You also have the option of deactivating it.
    In all other cases, Mercury will either not select anything or select the preferred fee. See also "What are preferred fees?".
  6. Next, select the fee models you want to store for this plan item.
  7. Click on the Submit button.
  8. The offer is now created as a plan item including the selected percentage fees in your plan.

2 | Storing a percentage fee directly on the plan item in the plan

  1. Navigate to a campaign and to a plan item for which you would like to enter a percentage fee.
  2. Open the inspector panel on the right-hand side of the plan by double-clicking on one of the columns containing information on fees, e.g. total fee or fees on media costs. You may need to display this column first.
  3. Select one of the predefined fee models or the entry "none selected" in one of the dropdowns under the section "Percentage fees" for fees on costs, discount-in-kind or discounts qualifying as non-standards discounts.
  4. The percentage fee is now stored and if the conditions that lead to the fee are already fulfilled on the plan item, Mercury will display the fee costs directly.