Invoice recipients can be described under “Invoicing details” using predefined text elements.

These invoice recipients are then used in booking plan items when adding information relevant for invoicing (e.g. invoicing address).

If additional invoice recipients are required in a sub-category, additional invoice recipients can be added to the list of invoice recipients inherited from the root category.

All invoice recipients entered above the campaign category can be selected for booking in the media plan.

To reduce errors, invoicing details can only be managed by a limited number of users.


  1. Navigate to the relevant category in the category tree.

  2. Click on the gear icon to open the category’s details page.

  3. Click on the “Invoicing details” tab.

  4. Click the “Create invoicing details” button.

  5. Enter the desired data:

    1. Recipient (mandatory field):

      • The recipient field is especially relevant when entering several invoice recipients and helps to differentiate between them in the invoice data management.

    2. Description (mandatory field):

      • This field is also relevant for distinguishing between various invoice recipients.

      • The description should be short and precise, as it is decisive for the differentiation of various invoice recipients in the booking order – many customers therefore also enter the recipient name here.

    3. Address (mandatory field):

      • Enter the address including the recipient to whom the invoices are to be issued.

      • The contents appear at the very bottom of the booking order binder

    4. General terms and conditions (mandatory field):

      • Enter your terms and conditions in full or include them as a URL.

      • Optionally, you can also enter further information relevant to the invoice.

      • The contents appear at the very bottom of the booking order binder

    5. Comments on booking:

      • If you want to include a standard booking text in the header of your booking orders, enter it.

        Important: Mercury already sets "Guten Tag" or "Hello" (depending on the publisher language which is set in the publisher management) as the standard booking text and then adds the booking comment you have entered.

  6. Click “Save”.