Managing publishers

This article describes how to manage publishers


Mercury Media uses a central publisher management tool to store important publisher data.

This ensures that important information, e.g. the publisher’s name or the agreed cash discount, is displayed in a consistent format and available for planning.

Publishers can only be created by authorized users. Click here for more information about roles and permissions.

Mediaservice Wasmuth

Mediaservice Wasmuth (MSW) provides market data on publishers, advertising media, placements, creatives, etc., for a number of markets that can be integrated into Mercury Media.

When Mercury Media contains Wasmuth data, a large amount of inventory data is directly available.

The only difference between Wasmuth data and data entered into the system by users is that Wasmuth data cannot be changed or deleted.

Important information that is missing or incorrect in the Wasmuth data can be quickly added or corrected in consultation with MSW. Currently, Wasmuth data is updated every day.

Click here for more information about Mediaservice Wasmuth.



IDs are automatically allocated by the system and are used to identify publishers in the system. In general, IDs are not important in planning.


The publisher’s complete company name

Invoicing ID

The publisher’s ID in the invoicing system (e.g. Ad’visor).


Publishers must be activated to be available for planning. If a publisher discontinues its operations, it can be removed from the planning selection by unchecking the relevant box. Deletion is not required.


Preferred publishers are displayed preferentially in the system. Non-preferred publishers are only made available for planning upon explicit request.


The language you select here will determine the language used for all communication (e.g. status or booking emails) initiated by the system.

Invoicing based on agency data

Check this box if you have arranged with a publisher for media to be invoiced based on the agency’s ad server data.

This information will not be processed or otherwise used in the Mercury Media system.

Cash discount

Enter the discount rate % as contractually stipulated between the publisher and the agency here.


Publishers can be imported into the system from external sources (e.g. Mediaservice Wasmuth). In this case the system automatically enters the relevant source.

IP addresses

If the publisher will be using the campaign communication feature in Mercury Media, indicate the publisher’s IP addresses or ranges here.

Specify whether a publisher can participate in campaign communication by checking the box “Participate in campaign communication”.

Participate in campaign communication

Mercury Media allows you to communicate with publishers via the campaign communication feature.

Enable publishers to take part in the campaign communication by checking this box.


Creating publishers

  • Select “Publisher” in the control menu in the upper navigation bar.
  • Click “+Publisher” to add a new publisher.
  • Enter the correct data (see properties).
  • Click “Create publisher”.

Modifying publishers

  • Select “Publisher” in the control menu in the top navigation bar.
  • Use full-text search to find the publisher to be modified.
  • Modify the publisher’s properties. Please note that modification may impact existing campaigns and media plans. If you modify the publisher’s name, existing plans will also show the publisher’s new name. Modification of discount rates will not impact existing campaigns.
  • Click “Save publisher”.