Mediaservice Wasmuth

This article is a description of Mediaservice Wasmuth (MSW), a market data provider that can be integrated into Mercury Media.


Mediaservice Wasmuth (MSW) provides market data on publishers, advertising media, placements, creatives, etc., for a number of markets that can be integrated into Mercury Media.

When Mercury Media contains Wasmuth data, a large amount of inventory data is directly available.

The only difference between Wasmuth data and data entered into the system by users is that Wasmuth data cannot be changed or deleted.

Important information that is missing or incorrect in the Wasmuth data can be quickly added or corrected in consultation with MSW. Currently, Wasmuth data is updated every day.

The knowledge base for your company may contain a document with information on who is responsible for updating Wasmuth data.

Important information

Mediaservice Wasmuth data can be integrated into Mercury Media. A prerequisite for this is a direct contract between the client in Mercury Media and Mediaservice Wasmuth.

The Mercury Media sales team would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.