User administration in Mercury Media

This article describes how to manage users and give users access to relevant content.


In addition to actual user administration, i.e. creating, editing and deleting users, administrational tasks also include assigning global roles (authorizing users to perform certain actions) and category roles that are assigned in the category tree and specifying the categories a user can see as well as the actions a user can perform under a category.

Please familiarize yourself with the following if you are responsible for user administration in the system:

  • Roles and permissions

  • Category trees - Introduction

  • User administration

Introducing the system to new users

New users can find important content in the knowledge base to help them getting started. Different content may be relevant depending on the tasks the user is going to perform.

The following list contains links to introduction articles for different users groups:

  • Administrators: Getting started for administrators

  • Executives: Getting started for executives

  • Media planners: Getting started for media planners

  • Invoicing staff: Getting started with invoicing

Please check whether the knowledge base contains additional company-specific introductory information for new users.

Important information


When creating users, please format first names, last names and email addresses consistently to ensure visual coherence.

For example:

  • Never abbreviate first names

  • Pay attention to upper/lowercase

  • Use a consistent domain for email addresses to ensure access to company-specific content in the knowledge base (e.g. “” vs. “”)

Keeping user accounts up-to-date

It is critical to keep the user list up-to-date in order to avoid unauthorized access to sensitive data. We recommend implementing a procedure to make sure that administrators are informed about employees leaving the company in advance or as soon as possible.


User activity is not documented (no history).


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