This article describes how to use filters in media plans and offer lists.


Use filters to limit the items displayed in a table when working with media plans and offer lists.

Important information

Filters can be used to improve the clarity and legibility of a table and have no effect on the values indicated in KPI monitors or total items of groups or plans. The Filter is also an attribute that will be saved within the view (i.e. if the URL is sent to other users they will get the filter displayed as well)


Using filters for discretes

Filters can help improve clarity especially when working with larger plans. For example, you can filter by the plan items of a certain publisher.

If filters option is not displayed, click on “Show filters” option under the "View" button. 
A new “Filters” button will appear above the columns set.


  • Click on “Filters” to open a drop-down menu. Select the criteria by which you want to filter your plan, e.g. Publisher.
  • Select the desired publisher, e.g. “Amazon”. You will now only see plan items that match the selected publisher.

Using filters for number values

In addition to filters for discretes there are filters for number values that filter all items with values outside the defined filter range for a selected attribute.

  • Click “Filters” and select a filter, e.g. Gross price
  • Define a filter range if desired

Activate/deactivate filters

You can deactivate and re-activate pre-defined filters at any time.

  • Click the checkbox in the header of the desired filter to switch between active and inactive

Removing filters

Completely remove a filter by removing it from the selected filters list.

  • Click “Filters”
  • Remove the filter you no longer need