To copy a plan item with an existing Adserver-Placement-ID, please follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the plan item that you want to copy and on which an AdServer-Placement-ID is entered.
  2. Select the menu entry "Create copy in Ad Schedule".
    Note: If this menu entry is not displayed, the plan item you want to duplicate does not yet have an Adserver-Placement-ID.

  3. Mercury will now copy the plan item and include the Adserver-Placement-ID.

Note: When creating the copy, Mercury automatically identifies which month is the last month in which a plan item with the given Adserver-Placement-ID exists. The runtime of the newly created copy is automatically adjusted to the following month.

In this way, planning for the following months can be done quickly and easily on the basis of an existing plan item. Each click on the original plan item (or also each of the newly created copies) creates another copy for another month incl. the same Adserver-Placement-ID.


This procedure differs from simply duplicating a plan item without or without taking along a stored Adserver-Placement-ID. To do this, click on the "Copy" entry in the menu:

When simply duplicating, a copy is generated without an Adserver-Placement-ID and the runtime is not adjusted to the following month.