When booking an inventory offer with multiple publishers, it is important to note that the offer can only be booked as a whole. If you try to add individual booking texts for each publisher, Mercury will not allow it and will give you an error message.

The reason behind this is that if you add booking texts for each publisher separately, the emails will be sent out gradually, and the package will be booked gradually as well. This is not allowed for security reasons. When booking a package, all placements must be booked at once.

Therefore, if you are working with packages that include multiple publishers, you cannot add individual booking texts. This can only be done if you have only one publisher in your package.

To book your package, 

  1. simply select all the plan items of the inventory package, 
  2. navigate to the booking page, 
  3. set the invoice recipient, 
  4. and then click the “Send all emails” button at the bottom right.

This will book all placements at the same time.

If there are still individual details that you would like to provide to the publishers, you can do so by replying to the email you receive in your inbox or through any other communication channel of your choice.