Each pipeline has a pipeline history, which gives an indication of its recent activities. You can find it as follows:

  1. Open the Data Pipeline menu and navigate to the submenu "Pipelines".
  2. Now select the pipeline you want to view and click on the "clipboard icon".
  3. In the window that now opens, you will find the "Pipeline history" at the bottom. This shows you a maximum of the last ten pipeline runs.
  4. Further information in the "Pipeline history" are:
    - "Created" = The pipeline hast just been created or retriggered and is now loading the data.
    - "Completed" = The pipeline has run correctly, new data should be loaded.
    - "Failed" = The pipeline did not run correctly, no new data was loaded.

    You can also see what day and time the pipeline ran. As well as an ID, which has MMT internal relevance.