Inventory Management enables individual inventories, so-called inventory items, to be created. One or more inventory items can be combined into a package and then made available for a category or campaign.

How do I create a new package in Inventory Management? 

  1. In the main menuselect Inventory Management and then the "Items" section.
  2. Click on the package icon Add to package iconto assign an existing inventory item to a new package.
  3. Subsequently, a new input form will open in the upper section of the screen in which further details about the package can be entered.
    • Name: Insert the name of your package.
    • Bookable until: Till when can the package be booked? (optional field)
    • Available runtime: For which time frame is the package available? (optional field)
    • Labels: (optional field)
    • Comments: (optional field)
  4. Below the general information section, you will find a list of the inventory items assigned to the package.
  5. If necessary, further inventory items can also be added to the package from the inventory list below  - also by clicking on the package icon Add to package icon. Optionally, mistakenly entered inventories can be deleted by clicking on the "Remove from package" button in the actions column.
  6. As soon as an inventory item has been assigned to a package, its volume must be entered as the next step,  along with the "Sales Price Gross", depending on the pricing model.
    • What to pay attention to concerning  the "Sales price gross"?

      Currently, when entering the amounts a point has to be entered as a decimal separator!
      Whereas when creating an inventory item, the purchase price and, if applicable, the recommended sales price are registered, when creating a package, the actual sales price is recorded as the "sales price gross" and, if applicable, a margin is calculated.
      If there is no margin, you can always enter a sales price equal to the purchase price.
    • When should which volume column be filled?

      • Fixed price bookings:
        depending on the requirements either the "forecast volume" or "publisher guaranteed volume" should be entered
      • Volume-based bookings:
        the volume shall only be recorded in the "Volume offered" column
  7. Once all the contents have been gathered for the package, it can lastly be created by clicking on the "Create Package" button in the top right corner.
  8. After the package was created, Mercury will redirect you to its management. You can find more information on this, in the article "What is package management?"