An inventory consists of the AdSpots offered for sale by a publisher. Various inventories, so-called inventory items, can be saved in the Inventory Management. One or more items form a package which can be offered or transferred to media planning.

How to create a new inventory item?

  1. Select the Items tab from the Inventory Management section from the "Burger" Menu.
  2. In the top right corner, click on the turquoise "Item" button to open the input form for a new inventory line.
  3. The input form is divided in four sections which complement each other and have to be filled out successively:
    • Basic data: Collection of general information, such as inventory pool, publisher, running times, etc. By leaving the respective boxes activated, attributes which may not later be modified within the media plan can be set up.
    • Placements and creatives: In this section you can choose the medium for the item, its placement and creatives and optionally add comments to the content.
    • Booking details: In addition to the pricing model, volume, targeting and frequency capping, etc., qualitative metrics such as visibility, view rates, etc. can also be defined for the item.
    • Discounts and Net cost: If your item is offered at a discount, it can be entered in this section. Special charges (such as Production charges) and additional comments can also be reflected.
  4. Once all the relevant data for the item is reflected, there are two options available:
    • Save
      Clicking on this button will save your item and redirect you to the inventory overview. The newly created item will be included in the list.
    • Save + Duplicate
      Clicking on this button will save your new item in the background and duplicate it. You will automatically be transposed to the copy version of the input form, this way you can make individual adjustments without having to completely re-enter all the data of the inventory.

Mandatory fields: A red dot in front of an input box indicates that this metric is a mandatory field. Once data was entered, the dot will turn green from. Leaving these fields empty will prevent you from saving the new item. - Conversely, this means that all other input fields are optional.

Hint: In the left bottom corner, there is a monitor which calculates different cost levels (Gross, Net, Net/Net and Net/Net/Net) as soon as prices, volumes, and discounts were entered.
For volume-based invoicing, the billing metric for the corresponding cost level will be shown in the brackets, e.g. CPM net.