Managing contractual data

This article describes how to manage contractual data such as cash discounts and agency commission in categories.


Save contractual data for specific clients under “Contractual data”.

These will be applied automatically when creating plan items or offers but can be overwritten anytime in the edit form for offers or plan items.

If you want to select different default settings for a sub-category, default settings inherited from the parent category can be overwritten there.


Agency commission

Agency commission is defined as a percentage. The value you enter here will be applied to newly created plan items or offers under the category as a standard value. However, it can be edited anytime.

Terms of client cash discount

Terms of client cash discounts represent the cash discount agreed with the client. This value defines the maximum cash discount for each client.

The client cash discount is based on the publisher cash discount defined by the relevant plan item and the terms of client cash discount. The lesser of the two values will be granted to the client as a cash discount.


  • The cash discount stipulated in a client contract is 1%.

  • A publisher grants a 2% cash discount to the agency.

  • In planning, the cost type (N/N/N) is determined based on a discount of 1%. 


  1. Navigate to the relevant category in the category tree.

  2. Click on the gear icon to open the category’s details page.

  3. Click the “Contractual data” tab.

  4. Enter the desired values.

  5. Click “Save category”.