This article describes the discounts available in the system and special characteristics of discount-dependent fees.

Cash discount

Cash discounts can be granted by the publisher to the agency or by the agency to their customers.

That is why there are two cash discount rates available in the system: the publisher cash discount and the customer cash discount.

Further information on applying cash discounts is available in the article on “Managing contractual data”.

In addition to the cash discount described above, there are four other types of discounts available in the system:

  • Standard discount
  • Special discount*
  • Agency discount 1*
  • Agency discount 2*

Asterisked discounts can be marked as qualifying for non-standard discount for use with applicable agency fee models. That means that they will be included in the calculation of fees based on non-standard discounts.

After deducting the four discounts, the first net level (N) of gross cost has been reached.

Several metrics regarding discounts are available in the media plan and offer list.