In Data Pipelines Management, you can view and edit all systems connected to Mercury and also add new systems (via pipelines). These can be delivery systems like AdServer or DSPs as well as other systems like Nielsen, Audience Project etc.

Where can I find the Data Pipelines Administration?

If you have the appropriate rights, you can find the Data Pipeline Management in the main menu in the upper right corner of Mercury. Select the Data Pipelines entry there to get to the Data Pipelines Management.

After opening the Data Pipelines menu, you will find yourself in the Data Integration view, which is divided into two submenu items:

  • Connections
    In the Connections section, you can connect new data sources, as well as edit or delete already existing data source connections.
  • Pipelines
    In the Pipelines section, you can configure, edit, rerun or delete the data sources you have previously connected.