The availability of an inventory item can be defined during its creation in Inventory Management. This involves specifying when a particular inventory is available and to what extent.

You can use two different types of availabilities for inventories:

  • Event Availability
    an event that takes place on a certain day and at a certain time, e.g. a webinar or an exhibition.
  • Daily Availability
    Inventories that are continuously available on one day or over a certain period of time, e.g. banners/moving graphics/etc. Inventories or newsletters.

Either an event or daily availability can be defined for each inventory. It is not possible to enter both availability types at the same time. However, you can set up several availabilities of the same type (event or daily) for an inventory.

How do I access availability management?

To access the availability overview, you must

  1. access the "Inventory" tab in Inventory Management,
  2. and then click on the calendar icon "" from the "Actions" column of the desired inventory line.

If no availabilities have been set up for this inventory yet, you will find two buttons at the top right of the screen "Add event availability" and "Add daily availability" and the availability table will show "No availabilities found".
If availabilities have already been defined for this inventory, you can review, edit, add and delete them in the overview table.