A complete list overview of all the created inventory items can be visualised in the "Items" section of the Inventory Management. There are also multiple possibilities of interacting with the inventory items.

How can I edit an inventory Item?

  1. Use the scroll function to find the Item that needs to be edited in the list and click on the edit icon "" from the Actions column.
  2. Consequently, an input form will open, where you can edit, save or duplicate the inventory item.

Tip: You can select labels directly from the drop-down list in the basic data section of an inventory. Prerequisite: Currently, this is only possible for labels for which multiple assignment of values has not been allowed.

How can I delete an inventory Item?

  1. Find the item you want to delete from the list and click on the "" symbol from the actions column.
  2. A confirmation request will pop up prompting you to confirm the deletion of the inventory.
  3. After confirming the deletion, the inventory line will be removed from the overview and the packages it was included into. If an inventory was already transferred to a media plan, it will remain there.

How can I restore a deleted inventory Item?

  1. Within the inventory management (tab "Items") click on the "Show delete inventory items" switch to visualise the deleted lines, they will be shown slightly grayed out.
  2. Select the inventory item you would like to restore and click on the "" icon from the actions column.
  3. Directly after restoring, the inventory Items are available for use.