In the "Packages" section, you can see all the existing packages as well as some initial details about them. By default, all active packages are shown (not deleted ones).

Which functions are available in the packages overview?  

In addition to general information about the packages, which can be found in the packages list, you can interact with a package as follows:

  1. By clicking on theicon in the actions column, the selected package will be opened in a separated pop-up window. Here you can...
    • ... review the details and edit them if necessary,
    • attribute the packages to different categories or campaigns,
    • the activity overview also shows with which booking status the package has in each attributed campaign
  2. You can delete separate packages by clicking on theicon (also in the actions column). They will therefore no longer be available.
    • Deleted packages that have already been attributed to campaigns can then no longer be inserted into the campaign planning.
    • If a deleted package has already been included into a media plan, it can no longer be booked or duplicated. To do this, the package would first have to be reactivated.

How can I visualise a deleted package?

To be able to see all deleted packages, turn on the "Show deleted packages" switch in the top right corner of the screen.

How can I reactivate a deleted package?

You can reactivate a package by clicking on theicon, once the deleted packages overview is enabled.