An inventory management package consists of at least one or more inventory lines and can also contain additional information such as comments, custom labels and more. Packages are used to assign inventory lines to categories or campaigns and therefore transfer them to the media plan.

Which information can be viewed in the Inventory Package management?

  1. In the main menuselect "Inventory Management" and then click on the "Packages" tab.
  2. To visualize the contents of a package, i.e. access the management section, find the respective Package in the list and in the actions column, click on thesign.
  3. You are now in the package management, which is divided into three areas:
    1. Inventory Package

      This section contains general package information such as runtimes, labels, comments and all inventory lines.
      • How can a package be retroactively modified?
        All package contents can be customized using the "Edit" button.
    2. Clients and Prospects

      This section shows you for which categories and/or campaigns the package has been made available. Furthermore, a package can be made available for other categories or campaigns using the " + Add Proposal" button.
      • How can an already existing package be made available with different contents?
        After a Package was attributed to a campaign or category, it is possible to overwrite certain values from it (such as gross price and volume) in the Inventory Management section, without affecting the data in previously assigned campaigns/categories.
        Therefore, you don't need to create a new package for each individual offer, but can customize an existing package for one or more offers.
        You can lern more about this here "Wie kann ich ein Paket zu unterschiedlichen Konditionen anbieten?"
      • Is it possible to predefine contact persons?
        Optionally, after a package has been made available, contact persons can be listed in the "Contact person" column.
      • When can a package be assigned to a media plan?
        Only after a package has been assigned to a category or campaign it can be added to a Media Plan through the "Offers" tab in the campaign planning.
      • How can an assigned package be removed retroactively?
        To withdraw an already assigned package, click on the "Delete" button in the Actions column and from the corresponding row for which you want to remove the package.
        As a result, the package will no longer be available for selection in the "Offers" tab of the campaign planning. However, if a package has already been transferred to a plan, it will not be deleted there!
    3. Activities

      Once a package has been attributed to one or more media plans, you can review which campaigns the package was attributed to and its current status (Planning, Internally Approved, Externally Approved, Booked) in the Activities section.


Thesymbol indicates that clicking on it will redirect you (in the current browser tab) to the category or campaign.