#2. CSV inventory data upload


Having trouble keeping up with your data? MMT has the solution! No more copy pasting days of inserting the data piece by piece into the system, bulk uploading via csv files is the key. 

"csv data upload" is a new feature of Mercury which allows the users to add data as a bulk into the system, by creating format matching csv files and uploading them.

This feature is equally suitable for the new users, by optimising their data onboarding process (uploading all the publishers, mediums, placements, contacts), as well as for the experienced ones, by allowing them to download all the existing data, modify as a block or update it and then upload it back to the system, saving the time they would spend modifying each line individually.

For more insights about the formatting and the uploading process, please contact our support team.

P.S. Do you want to go further and have all the data updated automatically? We can take it from here, just have a look at our MMT Bridge solution. 

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