When setting up the data pipelines, it is possible to delegate the authentication, meaning the entering of the login data which Mercury uses for the access to load the data from the delivering systems, to another person. This provides two ways to create a pipeline:

  1. A Pipeline Manager sets up the pipeline and uses the login details known to him to authenticate (log in) Mercury to it.
  2. A pipeline manager sets up the pipeline and forwards the authentication process to a third party, who then completes Mercury's authentication with the delivering system.

In particular, if login details are not allowed to be shared with the pipeline manager, e.g. by the client, the second option allows pipelines to be set up in Mercury without client access. 

Delegate authentication for the pipeline to a third party:

  1. Navigate to the Data Pipelines menu and open the "Connections" submenu.

  2. Click on the "Add Connection" button in the upper right corner.

  3. In the pop-up window that opens, select the data source you want to connect and then click "Next" to configure the connection.

  4. Add a new connection by giving it a name.

  5. Then click on the following checkbox "Delegate the authentication for the pipeline to" to hand over the authorisation of the pipeline to someone else.

  6. Next, enter the email address of the person who is to carry out the authorisation. Also add a text that will be sent to the person with the email.

  7. Click on "Send". Mercury will now email the person and ask them to complete the pipeline setup with the authorisation in the selected system.


To create a connection in Mercury, we recommend using a separate API user to create the connection, rather than accessing it through a personal account.