Once a package has been created, it can be offered to one or more categories or campaigns in Inventory Management and then transferred to a media plan:

  1. Open an existing campaign for which you have been proposed a package or create a new campaign and open it.

    Notice: If you have created a new campaign, packages must first be proposed for it.
    Exception: You have already been proposed packages in the same category as your campaign. In this case you would have direct access to them.

  2. Now click on the "Offers" tab at the top.

    Tip: Group them next by "Grouped by inventory package" for a better overview of the packages.

  3. Search for the package proposed to you from the offer overview, select all items of the package and click on the button "Create plan items".

    Important! Only all plan items of a package can be taken over together into a plan. It is not possible to transfer individual plan items! If this is required, the packages must be adapted accordingly and offered again.
    It is also possible to take over several packages at the same time into a plan in this way.
  4. A pop-up window will open in which you have to enter the running times separately for each item of the offered package. With the runtimes you enter, the placements will be created in your planning during the next step.

    Note: Depending on how the item of the package was set up in the inventory management, Mercury will show you either a date picker or individual runtime entries, which you can select via the checkboxes.

    Note: Greyed-out calendar entries in the date picker indicate that the item is not available in this period.

  5. Once all the runtimes have been entered, confirm this by clicking on the submit button. The package has now been transferred to the planning.

    Important! Click the "Submit" button only once. Even if the loading notification does not appear at the moment, Mercury is already working after the click and creates the placements for you. Each additional click on the button will create the package the same number of times.

    *A future update will provide a loading animation and prevent multiple creation of the package by clicking on the submit button.

Note about package updates: If changes have been made to a package or its inventory items in Inventory Management after it has been offered, these changes are also immediately visible in the Offers tab of Media Planning. 

However, if the package is already in the planning stage, the changes will not be reflected! Instead, the package must be removed from the planning and transferred from the Offers tab to the planning again. This is a security measure that prevents planning from being changed without the planner's knowledge.

The only exception: If permissions are subsequently granted, such as (not) allowing changes to the volume, FC, targeting, prices or discounts, this will directly affect the package in the planning.

Notes on package and campaign runtime: If the runtime or the availability of the package does not overlap with the campaign, the packages are not displayed in the offers tab and cannot be transferred to the planning.
The runtimes which were entered in the Inventory Management on the package items are essential for the possible runtimes within a campaign.
Regardless of the runtimes defined there, the runtime of an item within a plan can only be the maximum of the campaign runtime.

If the items of a package should later be split monthly within the planning, it is advisable while creating the packages to always combine only those items that have the same runtime into one package. Different running times should therefore be put into separate packages. 


Note: Inventory management is an additional feature that must be made available in Mercury. If it is not available in your account, please contact us through our helpdesk.